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Saudi Airlines Anniversary WhatsApp Forward Is a Scam. Here are the details

Umran Hussain

Your WhatsApp may be flooded with promotional messages claiming to be from Saudi airlines which are offering gifts worth millions simply after you answer a few questions they ask you before registration.

According to the Saudi Airlines website there were no such promotions with regards to their free ticket give away, or any others gift packages for random people.

The whatsapp application is not also integrated to the Saudi Airlines promotional database.

The message viral on WhatsApp is actually sent by spinluck.buzz and surprisingly, the website keeps on changing its domain name frequently which makes it very difficult to get to the main source of the website.

This message obviously is not from Saudi Airlines main domain or website. The website in question sends a whatsapp message to a persons mobile number who is in turn asked to forward the message to his contacts. The scam promotion requires you to send or forward the message to at least 8 whatsapp contacts inorder to receive some valuable gifts from the company.

The Consequences:

As you respond to the questions, the database will register your mobile number to their database and will search for your contacts. There will be 2 objective for the scammer, they will keep the registered mobile number to their system for their future messages and promotional offers that do not belong to the popular company promotions, it may ask you to enter names and other personal details etc.

The second objective of the scammer is to increase their popularity online or their website, so they can collect more profiles and might collect information from your registered mobile.

Be informed, that the Whatsapp application is connected to your mobile number and your mobile number is registered to the telecom network which is monitored by the government system, once the scammer has collected your mobile number by responding to their system they might use your number and profile in illegal connections and transactions.

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