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Video From 2020 Shared As ‘100 JCB’s Are Being Transported To Kashmir For Demolition Purpose

Umran Hussain

Yet again hundreds of reputed News Portals in Kashmir fell for a fake news shared by an unknown user in Jammu and Kashmir with a caption, “100 JCB’s are being transported to Kashmir for demolition purpose,” hence creating panic among the masses.

After the fact finding team of The Kashmir Radar researched the meta data of the video and by reverse searching the video, we found that the video was originally shared by one Utam Naik on YouTube in the year 2020 without mentioning the exact location of the goods train carrying hundreds of JCB’s.

In view of retrieving the encroached state land by the Jammu and Kashmir administration, hundreds of videos are continuously being shared on various social media platforms by various users to garner millions of views on their videos, as such videos tend to reach the maximum audience to stay abreast with the day-to-day happenings pertaining to the demolition drive by the UT administration in Jammu and Kashmir.

Unauthorised News Portals in Jammu and Kashmir are habitual of uploading videos and other news items without checking the veracity of them and this time around also, taking advantage of the trend, this video too was shared without checking the authenticity of it.

Hundreds of such fake news items have had very bad consequences on the viewers in the past as well.

Social activists in Kashmir have time and again requested the administration to tame such unauthorised News portals for spreading fake News, but nothing substantial has yet been done on ground.

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