Kashmir’s Garlic Boom: Bumper Crop and Soaring Prices Bring Cheer to Farmers

Srinagar, Kashmir: Kashmiri garlic farmers are celebrating a double win this season, with a record harvest and significantly higher prices compared to previous years.

The bumper crop of garlic has yielded a bounty, with some farmers reporting double the usual amount. This abundance could have potentially driven prices down, but instead, the opposite has occurred. Garlic prices have jumped from ₹50 per kilogram to a high of ₹80 per kilogram, depending on the quality. This increase translates to a substantial boost in income for these farmers.

Experts attribute the rise in prices to a few factors. There could be a shortage of garlic in other parts of the country, leading to increased demand for Kashmiri garlic. Additionally, the high quality of the crop this year could also be playing a role in driving up prices.

This positive development comes as a welcome relief to Kashmiri farmers who have faced challenges in recent years, including unpredictable weather patterns and volatile market conditions. The windfall from the garlic harvest will provide much-needed financial security for these families and contribute to the overall economic health of the region.

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