Food Under The Feet: A Shameful Incident Which Deserves a Strict Punishment

Umran Hussain

The bakery you relish, the bread you eat isn’t always made under hygienic conditions. Forget about general hygiene, a Baker in Sopore was caught kneading the flour by using his bare feet.

The video first uploaded by a local who had gone to buy some bakery items from the shop and soon the video took over the internet and garnered millions of views with people demanding strict action against the Baker.

While asking questions to the Baker, he confessed his crime and while seeking apology from the man who caught him during the act, the Baker apparently a non-local said that this was for the first time that he used his feet to knead the flour.

Who is going to believe him.? Asked netizens on various social media platforms.

It is not a new thing that many eateries have their staff knead dough with their feet, since it is so much in amount. Even packaged breads are believed to be made this way,  wrote a Facebook user on his wall while reacting to the viral video.

Also, a user in the comment thread writes that kneading with feet is a common practice in most of the factories which specialise in making bakery products.

It is pertinent to mention that after the video surfaced the police in Sopore sealed the shop and arrested two people.

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