Immunity Can’t be boosted through bakery products: President DAK

Srinagar, July 25: Days after a Kashmiri baker made a claim that it developed an immunity boosting bakery in times of Coronavirus Pandemic, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) president Dr Nisar-ul-Hasan Saturday said that immunity is inbuilt and it can’t be boosted through bakery products.

Dr Nisar-ul-Hasan told news agency KNT that this claim is scientifically incorrect because the ingredients in the biscuit can’t boost the immunity.

“These claims give a falls sense of security especially in times of Covid-19 crisis where people may think that by buying these biscuits they will do away with the virus and will not follow the precautions which will be catastrophic and such people in fact should be booked under law,” Dr Nisar said.

“There should be a case against the said people because they are misleading community by giving false information to make money. Unfortunate part is that they are doing business by virtue of this virus and are misleading people just to make fortune, which is very bad. Such people should be taken to task,” Dr Nisar-ul-Hasan said.

He added that nothing can boost immunity because immunity is an inbuilt thing. “Immunity can be maintained through balanced diet. You have to take Carbohydrates, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins in right proportion that suits the body,” he said adding that if immunity is weakened then a doctor should be consulted.

“No magic wand can boost the immunity in a blink,” Dr Nisar told KNT.

Pertinently, a Master of Science in Food Technology, Asma Mohiuddin claimed that it has started making immunity-boosting bakery at her father’s shop in Nowgam area of Srinagar outskirts.

She says by adding spices and seeds that are easily available in the market in Kashmir, she made these immunity-boosting cookies and other items which include Vitamin A, Vitamin E, B 6, Omega 3, Omega 6. (KNT)

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