Illustration Of The First Cricket Game Ever Played In Kashmir

Illustration of the first cricket game ever played in Kashmir, at Eidgah, Srinagar, 15th June 1851, by David J. F. Newall. Surprisingly, the author has sketched the Aali Masjid in the background with such accuracy, including the Chinars; some of which exist till date.

Quoting the passage of author:

β€œOn one glorious afternoon (15th June, 1851) I see we played on the plain of the Eedgarh [Idgah ]the first game of cricket – a single wicket match – ever seen in the vale of Cashmere: we had brought with us gear for the express purpose.”

So it has been over 170 years that Eidgah has been used as a playground by locals as well as foreigners.

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