29th Feb: Happy Birthday To Those Who Are Celebrating It After Three Years

Leap Year Babies Confused as Birthdays Arrive After "Three Long Years"

Calendar Catastrophe! In a shocking turn of events, leap year babies across the globe are celebrating their birthdays today, February 29th, after a grueling three-year wait.

Apparently, due to a mix-up with the cosmic calendar app, these individuals were under the impression their birthdays vanished into the void, never to return.

“I swear, I aged three years in those four,” remarked Adil, a sprightly 8-year-old (technically 2) who celebrated with a juice box and a nap.

Local bakeries reported a surge in complaints about stale cake orders, while party supply stores are scrambling to explain the sudden influx of “3rd Birthday!” decorations.

Meanwhile, scientists are baffled. “It’s a complete mystery,” Dr. Coco, a leading timekeeping expert, stated. “We’re still trying to figure out if they’re actually three years older or just incredibly patient.”

One thing’s for sure, these “leap yearlings” are sure to make the most of their long-awaited celebrations, even if it means using glow sticks leftover from their “1st” birthdays.

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