Afghan man embarks on Hajj pilgrimage on his bicycle

One of the biggest wishes of Muslims all over the world in their life is that they must go on a Hajj pilgrimage once.

People are ready to do anything to go for Hajj once. But, there are many people who are unable to perform Hajj due to lack of money.

Let us introduce a man to you who has become an inspiration for those people who are unable to perform Hajj due to lack of money.

In fact, Noor Ahmed of Afghanistan has decided to perform Hajj, on a bicycle. He has decided to cover the whole journey to Mecca by bicycle.

The video of him going for Haj by bicycle is also becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, he is seen riding a bicycle. According to media reports, seeing this spirit of Ahmed, the Afghan government has offered him an air ticket, so that he can travel comfortably. But, he has turned down this ticket and said, ‘I intend to do my journey by cycle and I am doing so to please the my Lord.’

Noor Ahmed will have to cross the road to Iran, Iraq and reach Saudi Arabia to go for Hajj. You will be surprised to know that the route from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia is more than four and a half thousand kilometers long. In such a situation, this passion of Noor is also a big challenge for him and for this reason he is also being praised on social media.

Pertinently, this is not the first time that a person is traveling on a bicycle for Haj. Earlier, in the year 2019, eight British nationals had reached Saudi Arabia after bicycling to Mecca after a two-month-long journey to perform Hajj.

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