Benjamin Netanyahu defeated by Naftali Bennett in Polls To Become Israel’s PM

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli politician Naftali Bennett ousted the long-running Benjamin Netanyahu to become Israel’s Prime Minister on Sunday, 13 June.

Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing supporters shouted slurs at Bennett as the Parliament announced the former’s close victory by a 60-59 majority, as per a Reuters report.

Bennett, 49, has previously served as the Defense Minister of Israel.

The right-wing leader will lead a newly-instituted eight-party coalition to form the government, along with centrist Yair Lapid. The two will take turns as the Prime Minister, with Bennett taking the first period of two years, and Lapid succeeding him in 2023.

It is the first time in Israel’s political history that a party that represents the Arab minority will also be a part of the government. The coalition, consisting of left-wing, right-wing, centrist and Arab parties, is expected to have differences due to their divergent interests.

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