Cat climbs on to imam’s shoulders during Taraweeh prayer in Algeria

Heartwarming video of curious cat interrupting imam’s Ramadan prayers goes viral

A heartwarming video of a curious cat interrupting an imam’s live broadcast of Ramadan prayers has gone viral on social media.

Imam Walid Mehsas was leading Taraweeh, a nightly prayer that is performed every evening during Ramadan, in Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria, when the cat hopped onto his chest and climbed its way up to perch on the imam’s shoulders.

Despite the interruption, the imam continued to recite the Quran and kindly reached out to pet the feline.

The video shows the gray, brown, and white cat seemingly camouflaged by the imam’s similarly coloured grey-striped apparel, and even nuzzling the imam towards the end of the video.

The heartwarming scene has brought joy to many social media users.

Since being shared on social media, the adorable video has amassed over 82,000 likes and 15,000 shares.

He captioned the post, “Glory be to God. Even animals fear the words of God. Watch a cat climb over the Imam. And he is reading the Quran in Taraweeh prayer.”

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