“Corona Virus Is Coming” Seven Year Old Tweet Leaves Netizens Shocked

Macro_Acorter never tweeted after the year 2016, though nobody knows why, but his tweet from 2013 is something that recently caught the eyes of world twitterati.

“Corona Virus…. It is coming” tweeted by Macro on 3 June 2013 Has sent netizens into frenzy as it is hard to believe a Twitter user predicting the coming to the pandemic and what is most intriguing is the exact name of the virus that hit the world in the year 2019.

Till the last count the tweet has been retweeted more than one lakh four thousand times and liked by more than two lakh people.

While some users have taken this tweet just as a simple coincidence, as the Coronavirus outbreak in middle East in early 2013 may have prompted this man to tweet about the particular virus.

Some users have started asking Macro as to when is the pandemic going to end? Because they think this man might be a knowledgable astrologer.

An Indian user with a blue tick on her account adopted a funny way to react to the tweet and asked Macro, when was she getting a slot on COVIN?

“Conspiracy theorists have been using such evidences as the justification for their theories and most of the times with obvious reasons” replied one user.

It is pertinent to mention that various such tweets, songs, debates and seminars are being circulated on social media that talk about the coming pandemic or the Coronavirus and people unfortunately can be seen falling prey to such false narrative about the pandemic.

The coronavirus comes from a huge family of viruses that is not new to our world, having been known since around 1960. The virus’ viral envelope (its outer layer) has a specific spike, which looks like a crown, hence the name ‘corona’ – crown – in Latin.


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