Egypt bans hijab in schools for upcoming academic year

The Egyptian government’s recent decision to ban the wearing of the niqab (full-face veil) inside schools for the upcoming academic year, starting on September 30, has ignited conversations and elicited reactions within the country.

Egyptian Minister of Education, Reda Hegazy, has officially confirmed this decision and provided details about the new guidelines.

According to Hegazy, the new dress code allows students to wear a hair cover that does not obscure their face, reported BNN Breaking.

However, it strictly prohibits the use of models or illustrations that promote the hair cover unless they are approved by the relevant Directorate of Education.

This measure aims to strike a balance between religious expression and maintaining a clear educational environment.

Minister Hegazy emphasised the pivotal role of guardians in students’ dress choices. It is imperative that guardians are aware of and consent to their daughters’ decision to wear a hair cover.

Furthermore, this choice should remain entirely voluntary, free from external pressure or coercion. To ensure this, the Ministry of Education has instructed education directorates across governorates to verify the guardians’ awareness of this decision.

Regarding school uniforms, the ministry has introduced a coordinated approach.

The school board, in collaboration with trustees, parents, and teachers, will determine the appropriate uniform colours for both male and female students.

This decision will be made in consultation with the Directorate of Education, ensuring a unified and coordinated appearance for all students.

Minister Hegazy stressed that changes to school uniforms should be considered at the start of each educational stage, with a minimum interval of three years between alterations.

While guardians have the freedom to choose where to purchase uniforms, students are obliged to adhere to the specified uniform regulations. Any student found in violation of these regulations will not be permitted to enter or attend school.


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