Etsy Sells T-Shirts Mocking Afgans Falling From Aircraft

The Kashmir Radar, August- 23: When Hundreds of Afghans started fleeing their country after the Taliban takeover, the airport witnessed chaos and a bunch of people who couldn’t get into the airplane was seen crouching on the wing of the plane and some of them hung from the landing gear of the airplane.

After the plane took off three people were seen falling off the airplane, and a video of the incident went viral on social media.

Sympathies started pouring in on social media after the incident but an unfortunate stunt by an American e-commerce site, Etsy manufactured offensive T-Shirts about the incident. In the print on the T-Shirt one can clearly see two people falling from an aircraft with a text printed on it that reads, “Kabul skydiving club, Est. 2021.”

Netizens called out the brand for their insensitivity and were asked to take down the product.

“They are making money off a tragic incident. They should should be banned from selling such products.” Wrote one Twitter user.

“Insensitive. Inhumane. How can someone ridicule the helpless Afghan people who died falling from the plane?” tweeted Nikhil Jadhav.

Sima Ba, another Twitter user wrote, “Unbelievable, how cruel and heartless some people can be.”

“Worst thing I ever watched or imagined. What kind of awful person would make or buy a T-Shirt like that?” Wrote, Mamoun Hayel, another Twitter user.

It is pertinent to mention that thousands of people desperate to flee Afghanistan thronged Kabul’s airport on 16th August after the Taliban seized the capital. Two such desperate people tied themselves to the wheels of a military plane that was taking off from the runway.

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