He is not ‘Dajjal’, Just A Baby With A Rare Birth Defect

Umran Hussain

A picture of a new born baby born with just one eye is in circulation with a claim that the infant is ‘dajjal’, an anti-messianic figure comparable to antichrist in Christianity.

According to a Yemeni journalist Karim Zarai — who posted the pictures of the newborn on social media — said the baby was born with a single eye and a single optical nerve.

The birth took place last Wednesday; however, the baby couldn’t survive. “This is a very rare case that was known in Greek Mythology,” the journalist was quoted as saying.

The Science Behind This Rare Condition.

Cyclopia is very rare and only affects one in 40,000-95,000 births. Other significant physical problems often accompany it. It is, tragically, always fatal.

The word cyclopia comes from the Greek name “Cyclopes.” Cyclopes were mythical creatures who each only had one eye, located in the center of their forehead. Cyclopia refers to a very rare condition where a baby is born with only one eye. This happens due to atypical brain development that occurs during pregnancy.

What Causes Cyclopia?

Cyclopia, or having only one eye, is a symptom associated with a brain condition called alobar holoprosencephaly. It develops during the earliest parts of pregnancy, usually in the first month of gestation. In a typical embryo, that’s the time when the brain would split into two hemispheres. In the case of an embryo with cyclopia, the brain does not divide the way it should.  Also, the rest of the head and face don’t develop typically.

Embryos with cyclopia have an unusual facial appearance. Since the face hasn’t divided evenly, the features are not typical. The most notable effect of the condition is the atypical development of the eyes. Instead of two eyes placed on opposite sides of the midline of the face, embryos with cyclopia may only develop a single eye in the middle of the face. Alternately, there may be two eyeballs in a single socket.

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