Here is how Maulana Tariq Jameel became a fan of Salman Khan

Renowned cleric Maulana Tariq Jameel was seen praising Bollywood actor Salman Khan in a recent video. A Pakistani media house reported.

In a recent clip, MTJ addressed Salman’s father, playwright Salim Khan, and extended warm Eid wishes to the popular showbiz family.

“Salim Khan, you are very lucky to have such an obedient son as Salman Khan,” MTJ shared. He continued, “He’s such a huge celebrity yet he serves you as a servant.”

MTJ went on to add how Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhter told him about two qualities of the Bollywood star, after which he has become a fan of Salman.

“First thing Shoaib told me was how obedient Salman is as a son. Salman doesn’t hesitate when you ask him to do something. This is a certain way to paradise. One who pleases his parents would be rewarded immensely. You are an outstanding Muslim.”

“The second thing he told me about Salman was how generous he is,” MTJ added. “The Almighty is fond of people who have a gracious heart even if they aren’t as devout as others. Even if you offer just one Eid namaz, I can vouch that you Allah loves you.”

MTJ went on to add how anyone who prays five times a day, offers nafil, fasts thoroughly and is stingy isn’t beloved of Allah. “Your generosity and obedience to your parents have made me your fan,” MTJ shared.

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