Israeli newspaper carried photos of Palestinian children killed in war

Picture from the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz

A group of people in Israel were aghast over the front page of the liberal Hebrew-language daily Haaretz, which published the photos of the 67 children killed in Gaza during the recent conflict.

The photos, published on the front page and the third page along with the names of the victims, were taken from a New York Times article.

The front-page headline of the news paper in question read: “This is the price of war”, while the third page of the paper published the names and stories of the unfortunate victims of war.

The headline on the third page of the paper read, “The names and the stories of the young victims of the conflict” as well as “When leaders unleash a war, the weakest pay the price”.

Following the controversy, the newspaper’s editor later apologised for having removed photos of the Israeli victims of the same age from the front page Thursday morning.

Those photos appear in the New York Times article together with the photos of the children from Gaza that Haaretz published.

In a tweet, Amos Schocken took upon himself the “serious error” by an unspecified journalist, according to whom “those cases had already been covered extensively and in real time”.

He added that the Haaretz version of the story “damages the way in which the New York Times described what happened to children on both sides”.

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