Kashmiri Researcher’s NeuroArt Selected for the International NeuroArt Exhibition

A Kashmiri researcher has created a NeuroArt which has been selected for the International NeuroArt exhibition to be held at Rijeka city of Croatia.

Safiya Mehraj has become the first researcher from Kashmir who has created a NeuroArt and due to which, she made it to the international exhibition.

Hailing from Srinagar, and is currently doing research at CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Srinagar represented her artworks titled ‘Let the butterfly of ending war bring people together under one shield’, ‘Brainstorm to see the sufferings of my world’, ‘Right thinking can bring peace into the world’.

Safiya told a local News Paper that her artwork will be displayed in the international symposium Joint ICGEB – ALS Society of Canada Symposium on Inflammation and Proteinopathy in ALS/FTD Spectrum Disorder which is being held from June 30 to July 12, 2022 in Rijeka.
As per Safiya, the winning works of the NeuroArt competition are being exhibited on the UNIRI panels and a total of 15 works by authors from Croatia, India, Canada, Hungary, Great Britain, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic were selected.
“Since the organizers decided to combine science and art with the aim of popularising neuroscience my artwork was accordingly liked,” she said.

According to Safiya, the brain is the most complex and mysterious organ in the body.
“Remember the name of your favorite book? Blink without even thinking about it? Reaching for a glass of water? Your brain is in charge of these and many other actions. It makes us what we are: it defines our personality, gives us the power to think, solve problems and feel,” she said.

Safiya says that the brain controls our body through almost 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) which interconnect to form a complex network. It is important to be researchers, scientists in the skin of artists, artists in the skin of researchers, scientists, she said.

Before making it to the international exhibition Mehraj bagged the first prize in a poster presentation at the 2nd Annual Primeasia University International E-conference which was held on January 30, 2022, virtually.

The theme of the conference for the year 2022 was “Aspects of Microbiology in Healthcare Sectors”.

After selection in preliminary rounds, 150 researchers and prominent scientists from 25 countries participated in 7 different fields of Microbiology.

She has dedicated her achievement to her supervisor Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Parry, her parents, and lab mates.

The 25 years old young girl has been close to books and art. She completed her Master’s from the University of Kashmir and emerged as Gold Medalist in Clinical Biochemistry department.
“We are never lost. Life has ups and downs but healing takes a lot of time,” she said.

The artist believes that drawing is a constant process and scribbling thoughts and their turn out, in the end, is just another feeling.

Safiya said she is grateful to her parents who supported her during her entire journey. They have always been supportive and continue to appreciate my efforts,” she said.

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