Kashmiri Students In Ukraine Forced By Kashmiri ‘Journalists’ To Send Videos And Pics

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar, Feb, 25: After bringing disgrace and disrepute to the profession of journalism in Jammu and Kashmir, hundreds of so called News Portals operating particularly in Kashmir were called out by a student Muhammad Barkhez Bhat who is pursuing MBBS in Ukraine after he tweeted about the barrage of messages he is receiving from journalists in Kashmir asking him to share pictures and videos from the place he presently resides at.

Receiving so many calls and messages from journalists and many different people to share videos and images about the current situation as they know I am here a medicine student not reporter, so please have a lil bit mercy on us.” Tweeted Barkhez.

Soon after Russia declared war on Ukraine on 24th February, students from various countries started sending distress calls by using various social media networks.

Students from Kashmir studying in Ukraine too requested the goverment to bring them back and their tweets and Facebook posts were soon amplified by thousands of social media accounts.

Continuing to feed on sympathy and fake news, hundreds of Facebook pages portraying themselves as News portals started uploading videos of bombings and missile attacks in Ukraine which they allegedly received from the students stuck in Ukraine.

Barkhez who actively shared the condition of students stuck in Ukraine later took to Twitter to expose the journalists who according to him have been forcing him to share pictures and videos of attacks in Ukraine with them.

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