Massive Earthquakes & World War III: These Are Nostradamus’ Predictions For 2021

Born on 14 or 21 December, 1503, Nostradamus was a French physician and an esteemed seer who published several prophecies.

He is best known for his book Les Propheties, which first appeared in 1555 and has never been out of print since his death, Nostradamus has attracted a huge number of followers that credit him with predicting major world events.

A new eight-part documentary now explores the life and predictions of Nostradamus, whose 942 prophecies stretch into the future, all the way up to the “end year” of 3793.

In the Discovery + series Nostradamus: End of Days, Nostradamus expert Bobby Shailer says if the French seer is correct, the Earth will be destroyed during a cataclysmic event he called “the final conflagration.” But it won’t happen for another 1,772 years.

British Nostradamus expert Bobby Shailer, who appears in the series, has detailed the most devastating volcanic eruption ever in Yellowstone National Park and a massive solar flare that could disrupt out electronics.

Speaking to “The Sun”, he said: “Nostradamus does talk about something he calls the final conflagration, fire from the heavens, extinction-level events, two or three, which would probably happen close to 3797, but he does mention several conflagrations before that.

Shailer, who has been studying the French soothsayer for over a decade, also believes that a third ‘antichrist’ is already on Earth.

He explained: “An antichrist by Nostradamus’s definition are war mongers who are responsible for the death of innocent people, such as Hitler or Napoleon.

“I think the third antichrist is coming up soon, possibly in the next ten to 20 years. I would think he’s probably alive today.”  Nostradamus predicted a long global war that could last between 25 to 29 years, followed by a series of smaller wars.

Shailer says that according to Nostradamus’ predictions, we are looking at the breakout of a Third World War “in the next few years …. certainly this century.” Nostradamus had a flair for predicting doom, gloom and devastation, but it’s not all bad news.

If we can get through the Third World War, the human race will then experience 1000 years of peace, which he called “the age of Saturn.”

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