Muslim billionaire to convert London’s iconic structure into a mosque

Billionaire Asif Aziz has announced that he had obtained approval to convert Trocadero, one of the iconic structures of London that he had purchased in 2005, into a mosque. The mosque, which will be able to accommodate hundreds of people simultaneously, is expected to open within a few years.

Muslim billionaire Asif Aziz has obtained permission to convert one of London’s iconic structures into a mosque. The 56-year-old billionaire, originally from Malawi, will transform Trocadero, located in the heart of the capital, into a mosque as part of this project.

In addition to that, Aziz had previously applied to build a mosque with a capacity of one thousand people. However, due to the objections from local residents, he had withdrawn his plans. Nevertheless, the Westminster Council has now granted approval for a three-story mosque that can accommodate 390 worshippers.

The mosque, named “Piccadilly,” is expected to open within a few months.

According to a statement by a spokesperson from the Westminster City Council, “The planning application made by the Aziz Foundation to convert a part of London Trocadero was approved by the council’s planning committee in May 2023.”

On the other hand, Trocadero, located between Piccadilly Circus and Soho, was initially opened as a restaurant in 1896 and closed in 1965. The building was reopened as an exhibition and entertainment venue in 1984. A portion of Trocadero was downsized in 2011 before it reopened as a hotel in 2020. Aziz purchased Trocadero for over £220 million in 2005.

The mosque will be constructed through the Aziz Foundation, and it will serve not only the Muslim community working in the area, but also tourists visiting London.

Billionaire entrepreneur Asif Aziz is known as the founder and CEO of Criterion Capital, which owns and operates significant iconic structures in London, such as Trocadero and the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circus.


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