No chance of sighting Shawwal moon on Sunday: PMD

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said Friday that the new moon of Shawwal, 1443 AH, may not be sighted on the evening of May 1.

The new moon will be born on May 1, a statement from the meteorological department said.

“The new moon of Shawwal, 1443 AH, will be born on the crossing conjunction point at 01:28am PST on 01-05-2022,” PMD said.

PMD said climate data also shows that the weather is expected to be fairly cloudy in most parts of the country on Sunday, which would result in low visibility.

Therefore, considering the astronomical parameters, there is no chance of sighting the new moon on the 29th of Ramadan, 1443 AH, the meteorological department said.

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