Scientists baffled by good health of 87-year-old man who hasn’t bathed in 67 years

Scientists and researchers are baffled by the good health of an 87-year-old man from Iran who eats roadkill and hasn’t bathed in more than 67 years.

Amou Jaji gave up washing after becoming convinced that it would bring him back luck. That was more than six decades ago.

He doesn’t eat regular food from the market. Jaji’s diet consists of roadkills such as porcupines and rabbits. To wash it all down, he drinks water from puddles.

Jaji spends most of his time alone as his unusual lifestyle doesn’t get him friends or a girlfriend. His favourite past-time is to smoke a pipe that is filled with animal manure.

The 87-year-old currently lives in a shack in the village of Dejgah that was built for him by locals who were impressed with his bizarre lifestyle. But not a long while ago, he was living in a hole in the ground.

When medics visited the shack and carried out tests on Jaji, they were surprised that he had no unhealthy bacteria or serious disease in his body. In fact, he was as healthy as a regular home dweller with good hygiene.

An associate professor of parasitology carried out tests on Jaji for the School of Public Health in Tehran.

The objective of the medics and experts was to study the parasites ad bacteria that might have developed in his unwashed body. However, they soon confirmed that Jaji’s body didn’t have any parasites despite eating roadkill and going unbathed for 67 years.

Jaji has kept a low profile throughout his life. But he has managed to keep up with current and historical events like the French Revolution and Russian Revolution.

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