An Advocate, A Passionate Teacher and a Da’ee

Meet Daee of Islam and Best Teacher award 2020 winner from Institute of Scholars Banglore Karnataka RAASHID UL NABI KHAN
He was born in a small village, Drussu of District Pulwama and pursued his initial schooling from Holy blossom school.
After pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Science stream from SP College srinagar he studied Law from the University of Kashmir. After that, he completed his B.Ed, Masters degree in Political science from Indira Gandhi National Open University.
When did the idea of Dawah through social media came to your mind and why?
As a Daee my research on Kashmiri Society and its social evils had made me realise that I must play an active part in mitigating the crisis. The very idea motivated to do Dawah especially through Facebook.
The objective is to inculcate education with Islamic integration and impart skills among people of the world.
What are you specialised in teaching?
I teach Science, social Science and Islamic studies and to impart such skills which help them become competent and self-reliant.
Tell us about your journey of Dawah ?
Since my childhood I was having very much interest in Dawah (invitation towards Islam). But one thing was missing: a good platform. In 2009, my dream came true when I first time login to Facebook. It gave me a great opportunity to reach to non-Muslims. By the grace of Allah, the feedback from non-Muslim brothers and sisters has been excellent, so far.
Once a non-Muslim sister, Garima Yadav, said and I quote: “Hi, it feels so nice though. I do not know you that well but if you are what you write (sorry if it is offending) then I am so happy to see someone so passionate about one’s religion and giving his best shot to follow it. This world needs more people like you.” May Allah grant her Hidaya to accept the beautiful religion of Islam! It reminds me the verse: Invite all to the way of Lord (Allah) with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in the ways that are best and most gracious. {Quran 16:125}. She is a research scholar at Lady Shri Ram College for women. This was the great compliment from a non-Muslim sister, though there were instances, when feedback was against also.
What challenges do you face during your activism in a society?
I believe that on Facebook, Dawah is very fast. Every time when you post an Islamic link, video or any other related information, you have to be very active to give answers to all the queries related to the post. Every time when I upload an Islamic post, I always care for its authenticity. Dawah needs good and authentic knowledge and enthusiasm. Good and authentic knowledge may be not likely to be known by the Facebook scholars but their courage, enthusiasm and their good intentions must be appreciated. It is a good Dawah tool, which must be used by all those who have authentic and good knowledge of Islam.
Now, it has been successful journey from past ten years. Alhamdullilah , I clearly remember some good discussions on my Facebook wall on topics like hijab, jihad, sects among Muslims, and other topics. They were followed by strong arguments from Muslims as well as from non-Muslims. Facebook also gave me chance to interact with prominent scholars of Peace TV like Nisar Nadiadwala, Assim Alhakeem, Areeb Islam etc. I believe lot of Dawah work is yet to be done, as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Whoever hides knowledge, Allah will brand him with the branding iron from the hellfire.” [Tirmidhi]
Do you think there is a need for more Muslim scholars in Kashmir?
Obviously, yes. In the rest of the Muslim world, we have good number of Islamic Scholars but in Kashmir we are lacking them. We need more and more Islamic scholars in Kashmir in order to educate common masses
What are your future endeavours?
With the grace of Allah!! Teaching is my passion!!
In future, inshaAllah I want to establish a sophisticated Islamic school in my hometown.
Presently, I am actively associated with four organizations/Institutions
1. Holy Star English Medium School Drussu Pulwama (Livelihood and passion)
2. Jamia Islamia Mahdul Muslimat, Srinagar ( Mission, vision, passion and inspiration)
3. JKIFTS COUNCIL OF WRITERS (J&K Innovative Foundation For Transforming Society ( Passion to bring Change in society)
4. Islamic Fraternity of Kashmir ( Mission, Vision, passion and inspiration)
Being a teacher I know my own development is crucial to be a role model for my students. I need  to keep learning, improve, change, and get inspired to keep the teaching quality and desire high. I show and shares with the children that I keep studying and learning. I am a teacher, but always a student too.
Being teacher is just great and our community needs me. The community needs my love, dedication, compassion and inspiration.
You recently got the best Teacher Award 2020 by Institute of Scholars Banglore?
I believe that real action and delight comes from helping your people grow. But yes, if your welfare activism is being recognised in any way, it does boost you.
Would you like to mention the names Muslim heroes you follow?
Firstly my Hero and  inspiration is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and then my inspiration is my family.
Do you have any messages for young Kashmiri?
My message for every Muslim especially for youth that we must do Dawah as Dawah is compulsory for every Muslim, if you can not take it as a full time do it is as part time. If you want to be the best carry out work of Dawah and you will become the best.

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