Meet Falak Shah, A Srinagar Based Model Who Worked In Collaboration With RapKid

Picture By Shahid

Umran Hussain

Falak Shah, an aspiring model from Srinagar wishes to continue her journey of modelling despite negligible family support. Burying the stereotype, Falak has a spark to move on and achieve what she has been dreaming of since her childhood.

In an exclusive interview with Umran Hussain – Kashmir Radar’s online editor, Falak spoke her heart out about the journey, the hurdles, the society and the family.

Falak who is only 19 years old is learning to face the society before hitting the ramp, because even before she could announce her dream of becoming a model, she was heavily preyed upon by the trolls who stole her reels from her Instagram and roasted her in a way that could put every honorable citizen to shame.

“I am learning to live with it, I wont surrender or give up my dream just because my society doesn’t want me to grow the way I want.” Said Falak.

“Despite receiving several offers from both national and international modelling industries, I am yet to join one, because I want to groom my talent first, I want to learn from the basics and as of now I have not decided to join any modelling industry.” Said Falak.

“So far as working with RapKid Arafat is concerned, it was a dream, I love that kid, he is such a talented young boy and I have been watching him since he started his career. I always wished to work with him for a song and finally I did one in collaboration with him. “YAR TERA” a beatiful song directed by Ariyan Bhat.” Said Falak.

Ariyan Bhat is the man behind all the success that RapKid is treading upon, he has been handy in promoting his talent and has directed all the songs that made RapKid an internet sensation.

Coming back to Falak’s personal choices that she wishes to work upon, Falak Says, “I want to continue my studies while pursuing career in modelling and I wish I could do something for my society, my people whom I love and admire. People who comprise our society are truly humans who value the talent and at the same time there are some people who feed on shaming others for no reason and it surely defines their upbringing.”

“My parents don’t fear the career I have chosen, they fear those trolls who have shattered thousands of dreams of aspiring artists. They fear the resentment, bad comments and abuses that such trolls hurl on artists especially female artists of our valley.” Said Falak.

Arafat popularly known as “RapKid” is a famous rap singer from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district. This ten-year-old boy is winning millions of hearts online with his music videos. 

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