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Woman Travels All The Way From Mumbai To Get Herself Clicked Amid Lady Tulips In Pampore

Shoaib Gani

If you are planning a trip to Kashmir, a sojourn in the breathtaking Karewa’s of Pampore should be an addition to your trip schedule, as the lady tulips (Tulipa clusiana) have crowned the mighty Karewas of Pampore and the floral scent will surely take you on a much needed spiritual journey across the blue mountainous range, just across the Karewa’s.

Thanks to the lone content creator of Kashmir – Imad-Ur-Rehman (Imad Clicks), who by the virtue of his high-end lenses and jaw-dropping skills, has always been successful in translating “agar firdous barroye zameen ast” into a virtual form.

No one in Kashmir knew the importance of lady tulips, which are found growing wild in Kashmir, untill some pictures clicked by Imad created ripples not only in the valley, but all across the country.

Soon after the pictures and videos of the lady tulips went viral on social media, thousands of people thronged the Pampore karewa’s to have a glimpse of the naturally grown beautiful tulips and what suprised everyone, was a woman who travelled more than 2000 kilometres all the way from Mumbai, just to get herself clicked amid the lady tulips spread all across the Karewa’s.

While comparing between the Asia’s largest tulip garden and the naturally grown lady tulips, the lady in the vlog shot by Imad said that, “everything looks artificial in the former” and she was all praises while getting herself documented amid the breathtaking beauty on Pampore Karewa’s.

Picture of the woman who travelled all the way from Mumbai to witness the beauty of lady tulips.
Picture by: Imad

What are Lady Tulips?

Lady Tulip is a tulip which is found growing wild in Kashmir. Flowers are solitary, white with a broad red band on the outer side of the 3 outer petals. There are 3 inner petals too. Flowers are borne on a long stem with 4-6 leaves towards the base. Flowers have petals erect in the beginning, but spread outwards as the flower matures.

There are forms with yellow-red and completely yellow flowers too. Lady Tulip is found in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand.

Imad, a resident of Srinagar, is known for his breathtaking cinematographic videos and professional photoshoots, and is an internationally acclaimed content creator with more than a dozen international publications carrying his work including Gulf News – A Dubai based publication which had recently published his series of photographs showcasing the autumn season in Kashmir.

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