Viral Video Of A Wazan Dish Studded With Apple Twigs Draws Flack

Screen grab of the video

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar: It is a trend nowadays to spend extra money, if even you have loaned it from a bank, In marriages for hiring valleys best dancers and singers, the best decorations and the professional videographers who fly a drone over the roof of your house.

Why do we do this? Have your ever wondered? May be you may not have, but experts call it a “Show Off” an “Exhibition.” Now the question is, does this show off or exhibition really work? Or does it really impress your neighbours.? Experts again say a big No! because in most of the cases such excessive expenditure of money becomes a butt of jokes in the neighbourhood. So next time you think of spending too much money on a marriage ceremony, think twice, because your neighbours are going to perform a stand up comedy show on a nearby shop for which people are going to go ROFL.

In one such highest form of stupidity, a video that is now viral on social media shows a cook decorating meat balls on Apple twigs in a plate that was already stuffed with too much meat in it.

The Apple shaped meat balls were painted with synthetic red color to make them look like apples and were planted into the plate to make it look like an Apple orchard. A nice joke though!

Kashmir has seen such innovations in Wazan, not in the form of dishes, like increasing their taste and aroma or experimenting with a new dish, but the trend is quite disturbing.

We have witnessed meat balls studded with one thousand rupee notes, golden ornaments hanging from the Kebabs, golden coins in the dishes we are supposed to wash our hands in and much more.

Moreover, a decoration costing lacs of rupees, a trend of cinematographic video shooting along with some drone footages, the best dancers in the town, sweeties with sweetest voice in the city. Isn’t it too much?

Then comes the main culprit, Mr. Dowry – it not only drains you off your exchequer but in most of the cases it later on consumes so many lives. If you still consider dowry as a tradition, you are horribly mistaken, it is a killer. It sometimes sets the non giver ablaze, sometimes pushes her into a river and sometimes hangs her from the ceiling.

The dish in question is what leads to disaster in marriages. It is high time to name them and shame them.

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