11-Year-Old Kulgam Boy Develops Early Warning System for Fires and Gas Leaks

Momin Ishaaq Teli, an 11-year-old whiz kid from Kulgam in South Kashmir, hails from a humble background but displays a remarkable mind for invention. Despite his family’s limited means, Momin has already built three innovations, with his latest offering a potential lifesaver.

This new creation acts as an early warning system for fire mishaps and gas leaks, particularly dangers posed by the traditional Kashmirian Kangri fire pot. Momin’s machine activates upon sensing fire hazards or gas leaks, providing both visual and audible alerts. Its features include a battery backup capable of powering 20 bulbs, ensuring even power cuts don’t leave homes vulnerable.

Momin drew inspiration from a personal incident where a gas build-up occurred after a tea kettle boiled over. This experience ignited his passion to create a solution that could warn users of such risks.

“The machine has built-in heat control and a humidity meter,” Momin explains, showcasing his ingenuity. “It also removes gas or fog with a fan pipe, and uses an old TV box for the build.”

Momin’s ambition doesn’t stop here. He appeals to the local authorities for support to further his innovations and develop more beneficial machines for society.

Momin’s story is a powerful message to young minds. It reminds us that age and resources are no barriers to creative thinking and a desire to contribute positively. As Momin encourages his peers, “Harness your talents for the betterment of society,” we are reminded that the future of innovation may well lie in the hands of curious young minds like his.

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