2 Brothers die of COVID-19 within a month in Pulwama village

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Umran Hussain

In a heart breaking incident that shook the entire population in Manduna village of Pulwama, two brothers lost their battle to COVID-19 within a month.

The eldest of all, Ghulam Qadir Wani first contracted infection somewhere in the locality, after developing severe symptoms, Ghulam Qadir Wani was referred to CD hospital Srinagar where his condition worsened with each passing day.

Farooq Ahmad Wani who accompanied his brother to the CD hospital too caught the virus, probably in the hospital itself.

While Ghulam Qadir, the elder brother was on the death bed in the hospital, his younger brother Farooq Wani started developing symptoms- more severe than earlier developed by his elder brother.

The begining of the month of June when the pandemic was in its exponential phase, Ghulam Qadir Wani couldn’t outwit the virus and finally lost his battle to it.

The worse was yet to come for the family. Believing that Farooq Wani is too young to fight off the virus, the family had a hope that Farooq will be better soon.

Relatives who accompanied Farooq Wani to the hospital said that he developed much worse symptoms than his elder brother and the way his elder brother couldn’t withstand the wrath of the deadly virus Farooq too succumbed to the virus this morning.

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