‘Abaya’ Issue Presented As ‘Hijab Ban’ In Srinagar School By Some Media Outlets Creates Confusion

The principal of Vishwa Bhartya Higher Secondary School In Rainawari area of Srinagar while taking to the media makes it clear that her school didn't deny the entry of those girls wearing hijab, but Abaya wearing students were directed to take their Abaya's off during school hours.

Umran Hussain

The Kashmir Radar: Things were blown out of proportion by some local media outlets including some Facebook pages, regarding a news about Vishwa Bartya Higher Secondary School in Rainawari area of Srinagar, which stated that the students were protesting outside the school against the alleged Hijab Ban imposed by the principal of the school.

The news which is now viral on social media, with people reacting with harsh responses against the school and the principal.

Earlier, several female students who had assembled outside the school while talking to a local News channel, expressed anguish over the order issued by the school authorities which directed the students to take off their Abaya’s during school hours. Nowhere, did they mention about the ‘hijab ban’ as presented by other media outlets.

The News which spread like a wild fire forced the principal of the school to call a presser in which she explained the details of the controversy.

“In order to maintain the sanctity of the uniform in our school, we have simply directed our students that the Abaya should be taken off during school hours. I have taken their parents into confidence as well, and never did I mention anything about the hijab. In fact, I told them to wear white hijab’s so that it matches with the uniform.” Said the principal while talking to the media.

The principal also said that banning Abaya was never an issue and that the school administration and the parents had already reached a consensus about this, but some miscreants are trying to turn the matter in question into a controversy.

“The uniform of our school has a mandatory hijab with it, a hijab which covers almost half of the body of students in addition to their head. Sleeves up to the hands with no modifications in it. So banning hijab has got nothing to do with what students are agitating about.” Said the principal.

The whole mess was created by hundreds of unregistered News Portals and Facebook pages which twisted the headline and changed the topic of the Abaya into Hijab controversy.

A bee line of journalists was seen outside the school premises to record the statements of the protesting students and the school administration.

While the principal was being questioned by the media, the questions by some alleged journalists made her uncomfortable and nervous, “Ap short mein bataye kya ap nay hijab ban kiya ki nahi” (tell me in short words, have you ordered banning of hijab or not) was one of the several unethical questions asked by the journalists in her office.

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