Artificially ripen melons pose health threat. Here is the truth

Everyone is tempted towards red and juicy watermelons being sold in markets by roadside vendors. But beware of extra redness you see in these watermelons. According to health experts, there is indeed something suspicious behind the sheen.

Melons are a popular fruit of summers though its demand decreases after the arrival of mangoes. Yet this fruit tempts every passer-by because of its attractive shape and colour. But before you buy this red goodie, think twice as this redness may not be good for heath.

Most of the watermelons being sold in the market are very red and juicy. But one must remember that watermelons become sweeter only after ‘loo’ starts hitting the region where the watermelons grow.

This implies that most of the watermelons being sold in markets nowadays are ripen by artificial methods. Vendors offer bright red pieces of melons to consumers who buy the same without even thinking of its adverse effects.

According to the health experts, vendors have apparently started injecting a red dye into the fruit to give it a bright red shade.

These colours are toxic and may cause deadly diseases.

‘A spurious red colour injected into watermelon gives it an attractive shade. Even the round shape can be an indicator for buyers as most of them have been ripen by exposing to carbide that generates ethylene gas which gives out heat that in turn helps the fruit to ripe fast and in proper shape,’ said a food expert.

According to the expert, the colours used in artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables include sudan red, methanol yellow and lead chromate.

Meanwhile, Breaking all records in the fruits sale, Jammu and Kashmir has been selling watermelons worth Rs 50 million (US $6,56,000 approx.) every day in the Kashmir valley during the month of Ramadan.


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