Burglars Destroy Carpets Worth Lakhs In Mosque After Pouring Acid On Them

Umran Hussain

Burglars entered into a mosque in Banpora Arigatno and took away a newly purchased battery.

A local resident, probably the head of the managing body of the mosque shared a live video and informed people about the horrible incident that took place in the mosque.

As per the information provided by him in the video, burglars after stealing the battery emptied it in the mosque itself and the acid according to him destroyed all the carpets in the mosque which he says were worth more than two lakhs.

Such incidents are on rise in Kashmir, with a very recent example from Shopian District where burglars stole two transformers from the mosque.

“The alarming rise in such incidents have prompted the locals to install CCTV cameras in mosques and such incidents are said to be the handiwork of drug addicts who are supposedly the only people who can stoop so low to fetch a few bucks.” Said Mushtaq Nabi, a teacher by profession.

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