Caught On Camera: This Kashmiri Boy Is Doing Sit Ups To Appease His Girlfriend On A Video Call

Umran Hussain

From drugs to online gambling, from crime to sex addiction; a huge percentage of youth in Kashmir have fallen into the deep dark death traps, hence snatching the prime of their youth away from them.

The nature of News headlines in local dailies of Kashmir has changed its course, with youth being arrested along with the consignments of drugs they carry, the knife attacks, incidents of familicide, and the most recent which is consuming the mental peace of theirs and their families as well – The love triangle: This less talked about abuse has been the cause of the crime in most of the cases, according to the police reports.

A video purportedly shot somewhere in Srinagar shows a boy doing sit-ups while on a video call allegedly with a girl is viral on social media and has left people suprised for its being shameful and disgraceful.

Man shooting the video express concern about the youth while describing what was happening in the video. The video which is now viral on social media with thousands of reactions to it, is an eye-opener for the masses especially the parents of such youth.

“The boy who should have been in a school, is appeasing his imaginary fantasies in full public gaze without any remorse. I wish this boy was taken to a counselling centre so that he lives a better life ahead.” Wrote one social media user.

Shockingly, the boy without any shame or ignominy was doing all this at a public place, on a pavement where pedestrians had to stop to watch his drama.

The love drama is probably the least talked about issues in the valley, but this lovedemic has already taken a toll on our youth, with hundreds of such recorded deadly scuffles taking place in schools and colleges. Several knife attacks have been recently reported from various places involving young boys, who for the sake of revenge have taken the route of the criminals.

A recent research suggests that ‘love failure’ is a major cause of suicides among young boys and girls and in most of the cases such deranged young boys start consuming drugs which according to them acts as an escape route to heal the wounds of the betrayal in love.

Such young boys are also supposed to arrange money for the outings and the gifts, to continue with what they think is their future. In order to arrange money, they find no other way but to loot a shop or a house during night hours. Several cases of this nature have also been recorded by the police in diffrent states across the country.


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