Driver flees without paying for petrol in Samba, injures pump attendant

screen grab of the video

Umran Hussain

A hilariously unfortunate video that is making rounds on social media drew a sharp reaction from the netizens along with some hilarious memes that describe the condition of a common man who is not able to pay amid the rising prices of petrol.

A CCTV footage that shows the owner of a Maruti 800 with white color asking for petrol at a petrol station in Bari Brahmana of Samba district.

After filling the petrol tank, the pump attendant can be clearly seen asking for the payment but unfortunately the driver of the car fled at a very high speed almost killing the pump attendant who tried to get hold of running car.

Netizens while calling it quite unfortunate, sympathized with the pump attendant.

“The thief almost killed the poor pump attendant, he should be booked for an attempt to murder.” Wrote a Facebook user.

“Unfortunate, but on a lighter note, the rising petrol prices have brought us to this. This incident should not have happened in the first place but the goverment should take care of the poor too.” Wrote Subhash, a Facebook user.

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