Frequent power cuts make life nightmarish in Ziyarat Wahab Sahab, Shar Shali and Khrew

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Umran Hussain

People in most parts of Pampore including, Ziyarat Sharif Wahab Sahab, Shar Shali and Khrew, complained of inadequate electricity, saying that the department has failed to ensure adequate electricity during the times of pandemic.

Social Activist Suhail Yousuf while interacting with The Kashmir Radar said that, “frequent Power Cuts, low voltage and frequent power fluctuations in the entire area is a matter of grave concern, as the temperature in the valley is unbearably high and the people especially covid patients who are in home isolation are in distress as the life saving equipments like oxygen concentator’s are supposed to run on the electricity.”

Suhail said that on one hand the Power Development Department is charging hefty amount of money from the consumers but on other hand the department has failed to provide round the clock power supply as promised earlier after installation of heavy and costly equipments at receiving station Konibal.

Suhail along with all aggrieved residents appeal the Hon’ble LG to intervene into the matter and direct the officials of the concerned department to solve the problem on priority basis.

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