“I Have not kissed my wife since the outbreak of pandemic”: Farooq Abdullah

Former chief minister of the erstwhile state of the Jammu and Kashmir Dr. Farooq Abdullah who often finds things amusing rather than being serious all the time while addressing the audience at a book release function said that, “He Cant even kiss his wife because of the pandemic”.

The audience at the book-release function burst into laughter when National Conference president Farooq Abdullah said he had not kissed his wife since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The octogenarian leader, who was candid and witty in his nearly-35-minute speech, said one is even afraid of a handshake or a hug in the current situation.

Abdullah, said that when his daughter sees photos of him not wearing a mask, she takes him to task on his return home.

People today are afraid of handshakes and hugging each other as thousands are still dying on a daily basis in various parts of the world, Abdullah said.

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