Here is the family version of the man who killed three people including his mother

He was not a drug addict or a drunkard, claims family.

Umran Hussain 

In a shocking and nerve-wracking incident, a man earlier this morning allegedly killed three people including his mother in Amshimuqam area of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district.

The man was soon caught by the locals and the video of his half-naked body too was circulated on various social media platforms.

Initially, several News outlets claimed that the man involved is said to be mentally challenged and nothing about any substance use or influence of alcohol was mentioned by any News agency that carried the News of the incident.

Later, a video surfaced on Facebook and other social media platforms, showing the accused under the clutches of people and some of them calling him a drunkard and a drug addict. One of the onlookers can be heard saying that, “He is a baker and his shop is in Pahalgam.”

The incident sent shock waves across the valley with people blaming the drug abuse and availability of alcohol in the valley.

The Family Version:

Soon after the News spread like wild fire, journalists queued outside the hospital where all the injured and deceased were admitted.

Later, his father and sister were interview by various News agencies and according to the statement of his father, the accused was mentally sound and was owning a bakery shop.

“He was well settled and as per our knowledge he would never consume any drugs or alcohol. All we know is that he started visiting a ‘Peer Baba‘ and we we noticed a change in his behaviour quite often since then.” Said his sister while talking to a local News Portal.

“Yesterday evening he demanded that a sacrifice be done in his name and we bought a lamb and sacrificed it as he was directed to do so by his ‘peer’.” Said his father.

His sister while talking to the media categorically denounced the rumours of his being a drug addict or an alcoholic.

“Earlier this morning, he took his mother to a nearby shrine and we came to know that he has killed her on the way and on coming back, he first attacked me, later his cousin and uncle and we could do nothing as he behaved like a wild bear.” Said the father of the accused.

The People’s Version:

Head of a local welfare trust while talking to media claimed that the accused was a known drug addict.

“We all knew that he was a drug addict and an alcoholic. Only a substance abuser would stoop to such a level. We appeal the local administration to look into this grave issue which is consuming the lives of our younger generation.” Said the head of the local welfare committee.

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