Is Wild life department playing with the lives of people

Pulwama: Risking their lives in the chilling winters, the local residents of Ratnipora Pulwama tried their best to get hold of a wild beast which most of the residents believe was a leopard, but taking advantage of the darkness the said beast managed to escape from the spot.

Talking to Kashmir Radar one local resident namely Mudasir Bhat said that just after the leopard was spotted some locals contacted the wildlife department and the very next day a team from the wildlife department was sent to lay a trap for the leopard.

On the same day the leopard was spotted on a tree while the officials from the wildlife department didn’t try to immobilize the animal fearing the animal may fall off from the tree and may get killed.

“Is the life of an animal more important than a human life” quoted a senior citizen who requested the officials from the wildlife department to immobilize the animal or make some other arrangements instead of laying a trap.

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