Kashmir Society International Organized Magnanimous Sufi Qalandriya Gathering At Ijara Boniyar, Pahalipora Peerniya Baramullah with Tareeqat-e-Qalandariya living legendary of caves

Srinagar: Appealed Shah Faisal to continue to remain steadfast on his independent thoughts about real love for Kashmir than to get trapped in dirty politics.

At one of the Spiritual function held at Ijara Boniyar Pahalipora, Peerniya, Baramullah one of the living legendary Sufi Qalender Amir-e-Tareeqat-e-Qalendriya Hazrat Sheikh Amin participated along with Chairman Kashmir Society international Khawaja Farooq Renzushah. While speaking on the occasion Renzushah said that Kashmir is under extreme crises and only true prayers of such legendary saints who spend decades in caves, dense forests, on summits of Rocky Mountains and under streams & springs, Kashmir can come back to its glory of past he emphasised that all its Great Sufi traditions are required to be again revived and enriched. He said to jam packed presence of distinguished persons of area, professors, doctors, Ex Bureaucrats, officers associated with different services, Nawat Khawans, important personalities like Talib-e-Qalendariya John Sahib, Khanpuri Sahib, Maqbool Sahib, Farooq Sahib chairman Education institute Boniyar, Khurshid Sahib distinguished person of URI, Manzor Sahib of URI, Tariq Shera sahib, Zufeen Sahib and other respectable present on occasion to play vital role to bring Kashmir out of disaster created by executing dirty politics during last 70 years only through process of true love for Kashmir.

Renzushah while referring about topic of day with regard to resignation of Shah Faisal from IAS on Kashmir cause & Kashmir slaughtering of decades, he said that he has met Shah Faisal two days before as he has been always follower of Sufi traditions of Kashmir. Even to support Pheran campaign launched by us Shah Faisal was dressed in Pheran even in USA with pride. Now after demonstrating his value that he resigned for Kashmir he should join the campaign of protecting our great Sufi traditions and help youth to understand rich knowledge of Great Awaliyas of Kashmir so that true divine & pure intention of his sacrifice is aptly translated in history of Kashmir. With his present independent non political stand he is acceptable to entire Kashmir and legendary Qalenders were requested to pray for him as he stood for cause of helpless slaughtered Kashmir is. He was advised not to get trapped to any such cadre Or party which is party to such disaster as any such act will erase within fraction entire high profile he created within 24 hours to ground. For such act their are hundreds of examples when even Chief Secretaries resigned to become MLAs of one party or other for personal ambitions. At present as on today Jenab Shah Faisal Don of Kashmir is widely acceptable to lovers of Kashmir including large section of youth because of his independent & non political capacity as true lover of Kashmir and admirer of its rich civilization otherwise the rumours about he being controlled on remote control of one political party will get authenticated and unfortunately within seconds his image with come down from Arsh to under marshy Farash.

Renzushah said people of Kashmir are at presently completely dismayed with every political establishment which brought Kashmir to disaster point because of its misrule and killing spree. All proved collaborating the process of plundering and dividing Kashmir rather than presenting it as abode of love to world. He said only true prayers of legendary saints can save Kashmir. On this occasion Amir-e-Tareeqat-e-Qalendriya Jenab Sheikh Amin wept bitterly for Kashmir and every devotee took drop of his tears in their hands. The Kalaam of Sheikh ul Aalam, Shamas Faqeer, Niyam Sahib, Wahab Khar, Samad Mir and other Sufi Awaliyas of Kashmir was recited in most mesmerizing melodious voice by spiritual singer Jenab khurshid Ganastani with his associates

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