Kashmiri girl memorises Quran in 38 days

For the first time, a young girl memorised 30 chapters of the holy Quran in just 38 days.

She is part of nine girls from Kashmir who have completed memorising 30 chapters of the holy Quran within a year.

Hailing from Srinagar, Bandipora and Kupwara, these girls are aged between 11 to 18 years.

One girl memorised the Quran in 38 days, others two months and the rest within 4 months.

“I wanted to learn all the Aloom and translation of the Quran in the future,” said a girl.

“I want to become Alima in the future and want to fulfil the dream of my parents.”

A teacher of the girls said “I am thankful to Allah.  It is like a dream come true after these girls completed memorising the Quran within a year and this record has been created from here.”

“I suggest parents to give Quranic education with other educations like English, Urdu, science etc,” he said. (KNO)

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