Kashmiri Ponywalla’s Travel 70 km to Return Lost Gold Jewellery to Tourists

Expensive ornaments should be kept with utmost prudence since oncelost, it is difficult to trace and retrieve them.

A family from Surat who had visited Pahalgam to cool off the mundanity found themselves in a scenario where they misplaced their gold jewellery while riding ponies in the valley.

However, to their luck, they managed to get the ornaments back, thanks to two pony keepers who found the jewellery and travelled roughly 70 kilometres to return the family’s possessions, reported India Today.

The benevolent duo who helped the family get their gold back is Rafiq and Affroz, who run a pony-riding business and guide tourists through the snow-capped hills.

During one of their journeys, the tourists from Surat somehow lost their jewellery and were unaware of the loss until they came to Srinagar from Pahalgam.

“Our cab driver, Tahir, and Bilar, made arduous efforts and tracked down the phone number of the pony keepers,” said the tourist.

According to the family, when they called Rafiq and Affroz, the keepers immediately agreed to make the 70-kilometer journey from Pahalgam to Srinagar to return the ornaments. The family was elated to finally have the jewellery back and commended the honesty and efforts made by the Rafiq and Affroz.

Such acts of kindness are not common but restore faith in humanity with their occurrence. In another incident that showcases the epitome of honesty, an autorickshaw found a bag of gold jewellery worth Rs20 lakh.

However, keeping aside all malign intentions, the driver went to the police station and returned the bag, after which the owner was informed. The owner of the bag got teary-eyed seeing the jewellery and thanked the driver for his virtue.

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