Love Knows No Religion: Army Man On Duty Wins Millions of Hearts After Kissing The Hands of A Maulana

Umran Hussain

A sweet gesture of an army man on duty in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district won millions of hearts when he was seen kissing the hands of a renowned Islamic religious scholar.

The video uploaded and shared by thousands of social media users shot near Markazi Jamia Masjid in Nagri area of Kupwara district shows an army man on duty kissing the hands of Maulana Adil Siddiqui, who is known for his soft stance and tolerance towards other sects of Islam.

People across all social media platforms are seen praising this sweet gesture from the army man and hundreds of different social media posts while describing the contents of the video are seen hailing the love Laden gesture of the army man in the video.

Maulana Adil is probably the only religious scholar in Kashmir who hates controversy in any form.

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