Man caught on camera, pretending to be disabled to gain sympathy

Screen grab of the video

Umran Hussain

A man was caught on camera pretending to have a deformed leg while begging somewhere in Srinagar.

The camera footage shared online shows an unidentified man, probably a non kashmiri dramatically walking like a normal man. The cameraman in the video after trying to stop him, asks him several questions about the support he was carrying to walk.

The man’s shocking transformation from his walking upright to using a support to pretend to be a disabled has astonished people in the valley.

As the fraudster realises he has been exposed, he immediately uses his walking aid to run away from the site.

The video was shared multiple times on various social networking platforms and was viewed by millions of people while this report was being filed.

“Such incidents are on rise in Jammu and Kashmir, people from outside the Union Territory come here and start begging by using those tricks, we have to be very careful while helping such people, because in all this mess, the deserving ones hardly get their due.” Said Mubashir Aslam, a student.

“The real “disabled” people are hardly able to venture out and beg on the streets, we have seen hundreds of such cases, particularly in Srinagar but even after reporting to the administration no action is taken against such people.” Said Mushtaq Bashir, a shopkeeper.

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