Marriage hall in Bellow yet to host its maiden marriage function

Zahid Chaat

Pulwama, November 24, TKR: Much awaited marriage hall that was constructed way back in 2008 in South Kashmir’s Bellow village of Pulwama is yet to host a marriage function because of the negligence on part of administration.

Bellow village featured in the list of model villages nominated in the year 2008 and soon after the announcement construction of a marriage hall was proposed by the district administration on demand of the inhabitants of the village.

Construction of the proposed building was completed in less than three years. A well furnished marriage hall and other rooms necessary to carry out the required functions can now be seen in ruins.

The building presently in a dilapidated condition is no less than a dumping site for the village of Bellow.

Our correspondent Zahid Chaat after interacting with the senior citizens of the village found the hopelessness writ on their faces.

“We have given up the hope that this building will be used for the purpose it was constructed for. Locals have started dumping their waste in the premises of the building. Despite repeated requests to the administration, nobody came to the rescue of this building. Even the rooms of the building are in a bad condition now.” Said Munawwar Mir.

“This well constructed marriage hall was once looked upon as a model of development in our village. Unfortunately, as the time passed, the shape along with the purpose of the building faded away. Now we appeal the district administration to convert this building into a Public Health Centre which will enhance the existing health care facilities in the area.” Said Ghulam Muhammad, a resident of Bellow village.

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