New Born At LD Hospital Dies After His Father Couldn’t Pay 1000 Rs. To Private Security Guards As “Chai”

S. Hamid

A pregnant lady and her husband from Kupwara would have never imagined that they will loose their new born baby to dishonesty and corruption.

Muhammad Amin, father of the now deceased child says that they had to wait for more than three years to receive this wonderful gift from God.

As per reports, they were referred from Kupwara district hospital to LD hospital and at around 12.30 am, the mother gave birth to the baby and soon after the delivery, the baby was handed over the father to immediately shift it to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“When I reached on the gates on NICU, two female security guards stopped me and asked for ‘Chai’- A soft kashmiri word for corruption. I had only 800 rupees in my possession, thinking that this is a moment of happiness, I emptied my pocket to make them happy but to my suprise they asked for more two hundred rupees to make it one thousand.” Said Muhammad Amin.

“While I pleaded infront of them to let me enter into the ward, I sensed something dangerous and took the baby to the doctor who declared him dead. They consumed more than ten minutes, the crucial ten minutes which snatched all my dreams away from me.” Said Amin.

Soon after the incident took place, attendants in the hospital protested in the premises of the hospital and demanded justice for Amin.

Later in an interview to a national news channel, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Muzaffar said that he has taken cognizance of the matter and both the security guards were disengaged from the hospital services and that a committee will be set up to investigate this unfortunate incident.

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