Old Video of Maulana Abdul Gani, Campaigning For National Conference Surfaces On Social Media

Umran Hussain

After landing himself in trouble by playing musical instruments in a mosque, Maulana Abdul Gani from central Kashmir’s Budgam district is yet again in News after his old undated video resurfaced on various social media platforms.

Maulana Abdul Gani in the video is seen campaigning for the National Conference with a flag of it in his hand.

He can be clearly heard singing a traditional “election song” in support of the party with hundreds of people around him chanting slogans in favour of National Conference.

“Is he a Maulana or a political campaigner?”

With hundreds of religious scholars seeking ban on the controversial lecturers of Abdul Gani, this recent video has left everyone baffled and netizens have started asking questions about the authenticity of Maulana’s Islamic roots.

“We cannot afford controversy after controversy by this so called Maulana. From beating innocent people in a park and playing musical instruments in a mosque to campaigning for a political party, this man seems to be suffering from split personality disorder. What exasperates me is the name and the holy pulpit this man is using to do all this.” Wrote a Facebook user while expressing concern about Maulana’s actions.

“It scares me to the core, as I have read a great about illuminati. I have been watching this Maulana’s actions and deeds since a year now and I fear this Maulana does not belong to any such group.” Wrote another social media user after Maulana’s video of a political campaign went viral.

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