Pregnant doctor risks her life, saves COVID patient with 20 Oxygen saturation

Srinagar: Dr. Sadia, an Anaesthetist posted in JLNM hospital Srinagar had all reasons to stay back and save herself amid the deadly pandemic because she is in her sixth month of pregnancy but she has decided otherwise.

Heart piercing shrieks echoing the hospital walls didn’t let her take a break. A patient down with COVID-19 in her hospital begging for attention and gasping for breath desperately needed oxygen.

“Tears rolled down my eyes when I saw the patient on the bed calling doctors to save his life, ‘please save my life’ ‘do something’  were the words which sounded heartbreaking to me,” said Dr. Sadia.

“The patient had been in the hospital for over a week and once I took out my pulse-oximeter I was shocked to know that his saturation had dropped to 20 and moreover the patient was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia too.”

“Despite being pregnant and without caring for myself, I along with my team managed things within no time to save the patient.” Yes, I am well aware that one cannot take a risk during pregnancy, as pregnant women are more vulnerable and at higher risk.” Said, Dr. Sadia.

The patient was immediately put on a ventilator and luckily he gained his oxygen level from 20 to 80. Had he not been treated this way, he would have died as his lungs were severely affected as per CT scan investigation,” Sadia added.

However, the patient has now been referred to SKIMS Soura for further treatment and he is feeling slightly better, she said giving credit to Dr. Bilkeesa for an effective role in saving the man’s life.


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