Procedure of getting NOC for vehicle transfer from RTO

Srinagar: With chaos all around in Kashmir after a recent direction from the Regional Transport Office regarding re-registration of vehicles bought from other states or union territories and are plying in the valley.

This direction came as a shock to the people who own such private or passenger vehicles. People reacted with anger as they considered this order as a bias and thought it was applicable only to the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Various News channels and online news portals tried to clear the confusion by directly talking to the Regional Transport Officer who made it clear that the said direction is an established law and not a new one.

” In India, when selling a vehicle or moving to another city, you are required to complete a string of documentations. Both the buyer and seller during the sale, and its owner during relocation, must provide essential documents and fulfil all regulations to complete the process involved.”

He made it clear that those who own such vehicles should get the NOC from the registering authority and get their vehicles re-registered in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Here is the complete procedure as to how such vehicle owners can get the NOC from their registering authority:

1. When do we need an NOC for a vehicle? 

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory to obtain an NOC from the initial RTO of vehicle registration during any one of the following circumstances:

During a transfer of ownership – Ownership of a vehicle is further transferable under circumstances given below:

Vehicle sale/purchase 

Vehicle owner’s demise

Auction of the vehicle

All these scenarios require a vehicle’s new owner to obtain an NOC from the existing RTO if his/her place of residence comes under the jurisdiction of another RTO. It will thus certify the authenticity of ownership transfer.

During vehicle re-registration – Vehicle re-registration follows a transfer from one RTO to another when moving in the scenarios mentioned below:

One state to another state

One Union Territory to another

Also, a vehicle owner can seek to obtain NOC during a change of address from one RTO to another within the same jurisdiction. However, intra-state RTO transfer is not mandatory and thus rare when changing address in the same state.

Also, obtaining NOC for a vehicle is mandatory during travel to another state with your vehicle for more than 3 months. Thus, if the travel completes before this duration and you return to the state where it is registered, worrying about NOC is not required.

2. How to apply for NOC of a vehicle? 

Check out the steps to follow to apply for NOC for vehicle’s transfer from one RTO to another.

Step 1 – To initiate for NOC application, a vehicle’s owner is required to visit the RTO where it is initially registered in-person.

Step 2 – Fill up the Form 28 as prescribed in Chapter IV Section 48 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to apply for NOC.

Step 3 – Pay the applicable fees to obtain NOC for your vehicle. The charges applicable for NOC processing are specified in Rule 81 of the CMV (Central Motor Vehicle) Rules 1989.

Step 4 – Make a payment of any taxes due for your vehicle for smooth processing of NOC application.

Step 5 – Once applied, the RTO will verify if any other state taxes or dues are pending with you. It will also check reports from police to confirm a vehicle’s involvement in any illegal or anti-social activities as well as its ownership.

Step 6 – In the case of absence of any such issue, the RTO provides a clearance, thus resulting in approval of NOC.

The procedure to get NOC from RTO is thus complete, and you can expect for the certificate’s issuance within 3 working days of it.

3. Documents Required to get NOC for Vehicle

To obtain NOC from the RTO where a vehicle is registered, the owner must submit the following documents along with the application form or Form 28.

An attested copy of the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC)

An attested copy of the vehicle insurance policy

Up-to-date receipt of tax payments

A print of chassis number and its engine number

A valid Pollution under Control (PUC) certificate

The vehicle owner’s identification of signature

Owner’s photo identity proof and address proof

Keep these documents handy when applying for an NOC with your RTO for a smooth verification process and clearance to obtain NOC.

4. Fees to get NOC for Vehicle

Obtaining an NOC for your vehicle requires you to pay the fees applicable in your respective RTO as per Rule 81 of CMV Rules 1989.

Usually, the fees payable for such certification remains around Rs. 100.


5. Validity of NOC

Once issued, NOC remains valid for a maximum of 6 months. Thus, if you have obtained the certificate, make sure to re-register the vehicle to your new jurisdictional RTO within this span when moving a vehicle from one state to another.

The same applies in the case of a vehicle’s sale, whereby the buyer must get it registered to the new RTO in another state within 6 months. If not complied with, the certificate’s validity expires and one has to start the process from the beginning to obtain NOC for a vehicle.



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