Recently Appointed Class IVth Employees Had Expected Gazetted Positions In Departments

Umran Hussain

In a very recent conundrum of an employment notification that called upon only candidates having 10+2 qualification for more than five thousand class fourth posts in the Union Territory Of Jammu and Kashmir, the selected and finally left out graduates and post graduates had to give up for want of a lower qualification for the said positions.

The graduates and postgraduates who had applied for those positions were made to sit in the examination and a strict guideline was never put in place so that they could not even dare to appear in the examination.

Initially, the JKSSB had informed through their employment notice that only candidates with 10+2 qualification shall apply for those class fourth positions but the ambiguity and vagueness of the notification didn’t stop the candidates with higher qualifications from applying for it.

Now that the selected candidates were posted in their respective departments, the Facebook pages which continuously update about employment notifications and provide space for grievances are seen flooded with messages about the nature of job the selected candidates are complaining about.

In a very recent post that surprised netizens in Kashmir, a candidate, now a newly recruited class fourth employee in education department complained that he was assigned the job of a ‘Chowkidar’ in a school and that he was very upset with the job profile in the department.

He was soon confronted by Facebook users in the comment section with some hilarious responses and technical answers.

“So what had you expected from the department. You should be thankful that you are a goverment employee now. Stop insulting youself on the social media by complaining about your job profile. There is nothing to feel bad about. I hope you knew it already how a class fourth employee is supposed to serve the department. Think of those highly qualified people who are longing to get a goverment job in the present times of crisis.” Wrote Mujeeb in the comment section of the post.

“We are already facing shortage of manpower in various departments in the form of class fourth employees. All the teacher positions have already been filled and there wont be any teacher recruitment for the coming years. You should write an application for the post of a headmaster, if it stands vacant in the school you are posted in.” Wrote Munawar. This response had 200 laugh sections at the time when this story was filed.

“Mein DC sahab kay sath baat karunga, I overheard that there is no chief education officer in your department. I will request the Deputy Commissioner to assign you the additional charge as the CEO. don’t worry brother.” Wrote Mehfooz Qazi.

Another newly recruited class fourth employee complained about the “welcome ceremony” in the office he had joined a few days earlier. “I was not even served tea in the office, not even asked to sit. I was sent to fetch some stationary from the market and that is it.”

This post too was roasted by the Facebook users well in time.

“Barven jamaat tak itna he milega. Ya to job choose karna tha ya aur padhai karni thi. I am a post graduate and I am eagerly waiting for the day you are complaining about. Be thankful or leave the post, I am ready to serve tea there in the office.” Wrote Basima jan in the comment section.

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