Sopore Girl Fakes Her Death To Gain Attention On Twitter

Umran Hussain

In what could be a case of “horrendous stupidity” a girl, allegedly from Sopore area of Jammu and Kashmir faked her death on Tuesday to gain attention on Twitter.

The news of her sudden demise was shared by several Twitter accounts, hence leaving the K-Twitter in a shock and disbelief.

A Twitter account Toi (@toibajavaid) is a very popular twitter account among the K-Twitter particularly for being an account belonging to a woman.

Soon after the News of her demise was tweeted by one of her admirers, hundreds of Twitter users including some influential ones expressed their shock over the untimely death of their favourite Twitter user.

People started calling her an “angel” and “brave” for what she was and what she stood for and reportedly some boys have not eaten since the death of Toiba.

Her followers were yet to come out of the shock of her death, when the news of her ‘being alive’ befell them, hence shattering all the dreams they had dreamed about Toiba, as the girl they have been extremely kind and gentle to, may turn out to be a boy who may have played a prank upon all of them.

Toiba certainly played a prank about her death, but the serious matter of concern for kashmiri boys is, the messages, the emotions and the secrets they may have shared with Toiba while considering her a girl with a good sense of humor.

As of now there is a virtual war going on between her followers on Twitter, with some demanding an FIR against her for peddling a fake news, while some of her ardent followers want her to come back and start entertaining them again.

Toiba has now deleted her Twitter account, as a few sensible K-Twitter users have called her out for being insensitive.

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