South Kashmir Boy Receives Burn Injuries While Performing Stunt

Umran Hussain

An undated video apparently from South Kashmir shows a teenager performing a dangerous stunt of fire breathing for a video he was planning to upload on his social media handle to impress his followers.

The video was uploaded by various social media handles and after extensive research we found that the boy was shooting for a Rap song and as per the demand of the script he was supposed to perform a “fire breathing” stunt.

Once the boy tries to blow the fire, he is seen struggling and not able to blow it the way the professionals do it. The stunt is considered as one of the dangerous stunts as while performing this stunt hundreds of youth have lost their lives so far.

Fire breathing is the act of making a plume or stream of fire by creating a precise mist of fuel from the mouth over an open flame. Regardless of the precautions taken, it is always a dangerous activity, but the proper technique and the correct fuel reduces the risk of injury or death.

Fire breathing is performed by both professionals and non-professionals. Professional fire breathers usually incorporate the fire performance skill within a show where other fire skills are performed. The element of danger in performing fire breathing and other fire skills enhances the entertainment spectacle for many audience members.

Performing with fire has many inherent risks to the health and safety of the practitioners. Fire breathing has a wider range of risks due to the required technique to create the effect. Having an actively spotting trained safety assistant with an appropriate fire blanket and fire extinguisher is an appropriate best practice when fire breathing and is a mandatory clause in most insurance policies for professional fire breathers.

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